UpvoidMiner 0.10 released

We just released version 0.10 of UpvoidMiner!

We're pleased to announce the overhauled adventure mode, featuring crafting, tools with limited durability, and ore hidden in the stone.

UpvoidMiner Progress

As you might know, we have been working on a major refactoring of our engine for quite some time now, and we want to give you some updates on what we are currently working on.

The engine refactoring made our engine more suitable for multi-core processors and introduces a new threading and scheduling system that manages the execution of all subsystems of the engine. It will fix most of the crashes in the current UpvoidMiner version and ensures high FPS rates while the terrain generation can still use as much CPU resources as possible.

We are working hard to release a new UpvoidMiner update as soon as possible, but we are also doing some contract work to generate enough income so that we can keep working independently. We are still making progress on the engine, but unfortunately, most of this progress is (important) internal refactoring work, so it is not something we can readily show with awesome screenshots.

UpvoidMiner 0.4.70 released

We just released UpvoidMiner 0.4.70!

We are still not done with the major changes in the engine core, so there are still many bugs and crashes left in the game. However, we implemented some gameplay features to UpvoidMiner. The terrain contains flat valleys and a desert biome now, and you can chop trees with your axe. You will have to delete your savegames folder in Engine/Savegames after updating.