Weekly Updates #41

Here is our weekly update. We are wrapping things up, approaching a release date.

  • Thanks to Tobias, we now have a fully automated deployment system which takes commits from our git repository and converts them into downloadable releases after building and testing them.
  • Philip is making progress with our new CLR-based scripting backend for Windows. This hopefully means that our engine will soon run on Windows again.
  • Marc is still working on networking and multiplayer support.
  • Marcus did some more optimizations on our procedural function system and is now beginning with a statistics system that will provide us with performance analytics about all subsystems of the engine.
  • Kersten finished his work on terrain mesh postprocessing and is now hunting bugs in the terrain mesh extraction algorithm.
  • Lukas started work on the physics crafting system for our tech demo and fixed bugs in the scripting backend for Linux.