Weekly Updates #32

As Lukas is absent today, I have the honor of writing this weekly update. Prepare for a lot of screenshots.

  • Marc made good progress on saving and loading the world.
  • Kersten integrated a lot of new content, especially new terrain materials. We use some great textures by Nobiax and a handful of stones that Timo modeled for us from his backyard.
  • Tobi is still occupied with our new website but managed to get our Windows version almost running again.
  • Lukas also worked on the new website and improved the item system.
  • Marcus is exercising black magic as usual, featuring inline functor definitions this week.
  • Philip created a first working version of the cellular automata and integrated terrain metadata. This can be used to spawn secondary terrain features like stones or ledges and control placement of grass and trees.

Philip Trettner // September 27, 2013 // news weekly

Philip Trettner

Computer Science Student at RWTH Aachen, Germany. Project Leader of Upvoid Studios. I focus on graphics programming, geometry processing and software architecture.