Weekly Updates #46

Here is our first update after our alpha launch! We got over 6000 registrations for alpha keys and already issued the first 2000 keys.

Meanwhile, we released version 0.4.45, in which we fixed some of the most common crashes and did several minor improvements to UpvoidMiner. Your launcher should download it automatically if you start it. If you experience errors with the automatic update, please report them and try to download a fresh version from the link you received.

We would like to apologize if you have contacted us via mail or the feedback system and have not yet received an answer. We are getting much more attention since the alpha launch than we expected and simply don't have the resources to reply to everybody.

To fix this, we decided it's time to set up a community forum:


We hope that it will make user support easier for us and lay the foundation for some kind of community around UpvoidMiner. If you have contacted us for user support or bug reports and have not yet received an answer, please consider posting there.

And finally, here is our weekly progress update:

  • Marcus and Philip are working on a new threading engine, which will resolve many of the current crashes and improve the overall performance by better distributing the work to the CPU cores.
  • Kersten, Philip, and Lukas added some smaller features and fixed bugs in UpvoidMiner.
  • Marc and Tobias fixed bugs in the launcher and worked on the feedback and crash reporting system.