Weekly Updates #4

Welcome to the fourth weekly update. Another productive week passed with the following results:

  • Kersten and Philip made a video of our current engine status. (blog post, youtube)
  • Lukas improved our modding-support. It is now possible to load arbitrary .NET-dlls. In order to test this feature, Lukas wrote a small mod in php.NET.
  • Philip won a fierce battle against Bullet triangle physics. We now have efficient triangle-precise collisions with the terrain.
  • Kersten refined the grass and introduced general-purpose foliage shaders for grass-like foliage.

Philip Trettner // March 15, 2013 // news weekly

Philip Trettner

Computer Science Student at RWTH Aachen, Germany. Project Leader of Upvoid Studios. I focus on graphics programming, geometry processing and software architecture.