Weekly Updates #17

Here is our weekly update. Our phase of refactoring is still going on, so there will probably be no new screenshots for another week or so.

  • Marc, Tobias, Kersten, and Lukas took a two-day course on processes and methods for software testing, which will help us to assure the quality of our software in a more organized way.
  • Philip is still refactoring our Entity/Component system. This will simplify the implementation of multiplayer features.
  • Marcus finished his tensor magic and will now extend the functionality of our procedural function system.
  • Kersten is writing a benchmark tool that will measure the performance characteristics of graphic cards (including the behavior of all the internal caches and so on) which will hopefully help us optimize our rendering code.
  • Marc ported our code to Qt5, worked on Windows and Visual Studio 2012 support, and is now working on ingame GUI which will be based on HTML5.
  • Lukas basically finished the animation system, but there are still problems with importing from external 3d programs (e.g. Blender or 3ds Max). He will now pause his work on this and start refactoring our automated testing framework to make it easier to find problems in long and complex toolchains (like the animation system).