Weekly Updates #10

Here is our weekly update. We spent the last few weeks with refactoring work, but now we are finished with most of this and can focus on new features again. So, expect some cool stuff!

  • Marcus is mostly finished with his procedural function system. JIT compiling works now and gives us significant performance improvements; JITed evaluations have about the same performance as hardcoded (and optimized) C++ code (currently about 10% above gcc 4.7 in release mode). He also fixed many bugs in the analytical derivation and range prediction.
  • Philip finished his refactoring work on the entity system and wrote large parts of the mod API. Now we can write some first demos with no game logic hard-coded in the engine.
  • Kersten is still wrangling with weird behavior of the AMD/Linux drivers. Our engine now runs on AMD cards, but there are still some bugs.
  • Lukas didn't have much time this week, but he did some work on the mod API, started work on a first demo game and created some game assets for testing games.

We are currently preparing the promised video. For now, here are some early screenshots of the demo world that we are working on. Don't worry, it will look much better when we are done.