Weekly Updates #6

Just in time for Easter, our sixth update! Also: we're currently making a video of the new features since last week. It will probably be finished in the next minutes but may be delayed due to upload and postprocess by YouTube.

  • Lukas is working on the modding and scripting API. Hopefully, all important logic can be done by scripts at the end of next week. He also implemented "dig-on-click".
  • Marcus is still carefully crafting our new expression/node-system. He promised me to write devblog-articles when the system is finished. Intermediate bytecode evaluation works, derivation and range prediction are up next.
  • Tobi is implementing our own bug-tracking system with connection to a crash-logger library, a launcher-application, and an ingame feedback/bugreport form.
  • Kersten created a tree renderer (based on instanced texture lobes) and worked on the particle system. Furthermore, he added new input functionality like "plant-a-tree", "light-cube-throwing" and "destruction-ball-throwing".
  • Philip wrote the rendering systems for particles, procedural skybox creation and the underwater effect. He also extended the illumination capabilities of our engine by supporting point lights.

Philip Trettner // March 29, 2013 // news weekly

Philip Trettner

Computer Science Student at RWTH Aachen, Germany. Project Leader of Upvoid Studios. I focus on graphics programming, geometry processing and software architecture.