UpvoidMiner Download

Welcome, beta tester! Thank you for testing our game. If you have feedback or suggestions, please visit our community forum.

Download for Windows 64bit

There is no installer. Just download the archive, extract the contents, and start 'UpvoidLauncher.exe'.

Virus Warnings

Some users seem to get warnings from their virus scanners. We can assure you that UpvoidMiner contains no malware of any kind. If you want to be extra sure, you can use an online virus scan service like this one or this one.

Important things before you start

Here are some things you should read before you get started:

  • We are in an early stage of development. You might encounter bugs and crashes.
  • There is no non-disclosure agreement. You can publish screenshots and videos of it as long as you credit us as the source of that content, and you can talk about anything you see in the game.
  • Please do not upload the game somewhere publicly.
  • If you encounter problems that are not on the list of known issues (see below), please report them to us.
  • The engine sends usage statistics to our servers. This data is very important for us to optimize the performance of the engine on as many different hardware configurations as possible. Click here for detailed information
  • You need the Microsoft.NET Framework 4

Known Issues

  • Trees float in the air when you dig around them.
  • Currently, an active internet connection is required for playing. (It downloads assets on demand from our server. This is temporary, the game will also run offline in future versions)
Modified on Jan. 14, 2015, 2:01 p.m.