Usage statistics

When you play our game, the engine sends usage statistics to our servers. We use that information to make sure the game runs as smooth as possible on any hardware. For example, trough these stats we could discover that the game has performance problems on a certain graphics card or driver version that we did not test by ourself. Note that this data data can not be used to find out anything personal about you.

We might publish something like hardware statistics that show which hardware configurations are the most popular, but that will always happen in the form of averaged statistics. We will never give the data itself to any third parties.

What data is collected?

  • Minimal, Average and Maximal values of internal variables, such as time per frame, number of OGL-objects created, time spent evaluating node-expressions, etc.
  • Call trees that show how often certain functions in our codebase are called
  • Some basic information about your hardware configuration (number of CPU cores, graphics card vendor, driver version, etc.)

If you send crash reports, attachments with similar data are sent together with a log file to give us clues why the game has crashed. You can view the exact contents of all files that are being sent in the crash reporting tool.

Modified on Feb. 3, 2014, 11:22 p.m.