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Development on GeoMechanic has been stopped.

The game is no longer available for sale.

It's not easy to write this, but we owe you this. With heavy hearts, we see ourselves forced to stop this project.

The reason is simple: We're out of funds. The money we are making with preorders is not enough to finance even a small part of the game. We did contract work to stay above our expenses but that ultimately doesn't work. More contract work means less time to work on GeoMechanic which in turn means more time and money needed to finish it. Unfortunately, pre-ordering can only help so much. We have a small office to pay for and were working on minimum wage to decrease costs, but the expenses are still too high to continue.

We hope that most of you still enjoyed the game we managed to make so far and think that your money was still well spent. We want to thank you all for your support and criticism, that's what kept us motivated this long. If you bought the GeoMechanic alpha and feel that it was not worth the money, we will try to give refunds for as many people as possible. We kept a small financial buffer for this. We will do refunds until the company goes bankrupt, if necessary.

Philip Trettner, CEO of Upvoid


If you bought GeoMechanic within the last 60 days, you will get your refund by Humble Bundle. If you bought the game prior to that timespan, please write to We try to handle all requests as fast as possible, but it may take a week or two until you get your money back. To make things easier for us, please use the e-mail address that is connected to the Paypal account you used to buy GeoMechanic or give us the Paypal transaction id of the payment. Please note that after a refund, you no longer own the game and have to delete all copies of it.


Alpha - Released!

Basic Terrain Modifications
Rigid Physics Crafting
Simple procedural Worlds
Sandbox Mode

Beta (mid 2015)

Mechanical Crafting
Advanced Modding Support

Final Release (end of 2015)

Water Simulation
Advanced Procedural Generation
Game Modes
Non-blocky Voxel Terrain

The world of GeoMechanic is smooth, just as you would expect from realistic terrain, yet modifiable. You can build giant castles. You can dig out parts of the terrain and add more material in other places. This is accomplished through usage of our cutting edge voxel technology, which is used to store the terrain data and render it as smooth, continuous surfaces.

Terrain Modification Engine

Explosions, Impacts, Shattering

Explosives and weapons leave their traces like they would in the real world.

Advanced Terraforming Tools

Physics-based Crafting

To make GeoMechanic live up to the "Mechanic" part of its name, we have a crafting system ready to satisfy your inner engineer. Our crafting system transcends the traditional notion of simply dragging together two items to magically create a predefined product. Instead, basic parts such as motors, gears, jet engines and many more are waiting for you to combine and connect them in any way you can think of, to build machines, buildings, contraptions — the only limit is your own creativity.


Logic Components

Combine logical components to create complex systems. Our system is more advanced than Redstone in Minecraft.

Preset Library

Water Simulation

If you have ever built sandcastles or dug holes at the beach, set a paper boat in a river, or watched rain water form pools and rivulets, you know how much fun it can be to interact with water and having it interact with something you made. GeoMechanic understands that, and lets you play with water, with possibilities unseen in contemporary games. Dig channels for water to flow through, construct boats to float on a lake, or just sit back and watch a waterfall.

Terrain Interaction

Modding Support

Modding is important. Some really great works have come from game that have been modded by dedicated players. GeoMechanic not only allows modding, but actively encourages it by using an interface far more versatile than conventional modding interfaces. Modders can easily create new worlds, mods or game modes, while players will be able to use the built-in mod browser to effortlessly install and play them. Whatever mod you can think of, with the modding interface you can make it happen.

Live Scripting

User-Content / Assets

Built-in Mod Browser

Extensible Game Modes

Procedural World Generation

Procedural world generation ensures a fresh world everytime you start over. New engineering challenges present themselves in a different world, putting your creativity and ingenuity to the test. The world is infinitely large, ensuring that you will never feel cramped. Whatever you want to build, the world can contain it.

Infinite World

Geology-based Generation


What is better than building complex machinery? Building complex machinery with your friends!

Share your constructions via blueprints and construct sprawling architecture together. Alternatively, if you're feeling more on the competitive side, build a castle and try to destroy the one made by your opponent.

Blueprint Sharing


Dedicated Server


Steam Workshop (or similar)


What Operating Systems are supported?

Our initial release will support Windows Vista/7/8. We are planning to support Linux soon and Mac OS in future versions.

What are the System Requirements?

The current requirements are:
  • Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit. 32-bit is not yet supported.
  • QuadCore CPU, Intel Core-i series recommended
  • 4GB RAM
  • NVidia or AMD Video Card supporting OpenGL 3.3 (this should be the case with most cards manufactured in the last 5 years) with at least 512MB VRAM
  • Screen resolution of at least 1280x720

Is there a playable version yet?

Yes! If you buy the game, you will get instant access to the current alpha version and all future versions.

If a feature is not yet implemented, how come you have a screenshot for it?

Screenshots for planned features are mockups or early prototypes of our development version.

How can you be so sure that you can accomplish all of this, if no game has done it before?

We are a team of six highly motivated computer scientists who studied at the RWTH Aachen University, one of the most prestigious engineering universities in Germany. We have specialists in a variety of fields which enables us to tackle these interesting problems from a scientific angle.
Furthermore, the UpvoidMiner serves as a proof of concept for the general idea of modifiable terrain, so you can easily see for yourself that this idea can work. As for other features such as fluid simulation, we have tried those out with a few prototypes, so we are confident that this will work as well.

I still have questions.

Nice to hear you are so interested in GeoMechanic! Head over to the community forums and we will answer your questions there.

Modified on Sept. 3, 2015, 7:19 p.m.