Weekly Updates #23

In this week, we mainly prepared the C# API for entities on the one hand and our web-based GUI system on the other hand.

  • Marcus wrote his third article of our Node-based Evaluation system. He also did some exploratory work in procedural music generation.
  • Tobi, Marc, Kersten, and Philip worked on our internal webserver (using the Tufao library) that distributes GUI elements either to the game itself (rendered using QWebKit) or to normal browsers. One of the attached pictures shows the running engine while a local browser and a mobile firefox view memory usage diagrams of the engine. Displaying the GUI inside the program is currently restricted to flat 2D but Kersten is already working on a fully 3D integrated solution that is hardware accelerated.
  • Lukas implemented and fixed a lot of Entity API related features. This should enable a very neat way to express entity behavior.
  • Philip also started refactoring and reworking the terrain system (again). Of course, everything is going to be better, faster, more robust, better testable, better serializable, memory-friendly, and awesome in general. The new system also incorporates novel ideas that formed while writing the second terrain engine article.

Philip Trettner // July 27, 2013 // news weekly

Philip Trettner

Computer Science Student at RWTH Aachen, Germany. Project Leader of Upvoid Studios. I focus on graphics programming, geometry processing and software architecture.