Weekly Updates #16

This week was just too hot to work in the afternoon. Nevertheless, this is our progess:

  • Marc finished the basic needs for pathfinding. Finding a path between two positions using simple A-star is working (even between different chunks). He is upgrading our project to Qt5 in order to integrate the Tufao webserver. We decided to go with HTML5 for user interfaces (for multiple reasons). This will be covered in more detail when more of the system is finished.
  • Marcus is still being tormented by multi-order-dimensional tensor multiplication (seriously crazy stuff). He finished the basic operation but now this construct needs to be derived and range predicted (each with its own pitfalls).
  • Lukas is at the last steps of skeletal animation loaded from FBX files.
  • Kersten has finished his work on the geometry pipeline and is now writing a little benchmark suite that will determine various graphics card statistics (like fillrate or geometry throughput). We want to include this as optional data in the error and feedback report so that we have a better idea of the system than just the graphics card name.
  • Philip is working on the entity system in general and serialization in particular. This will lead to entities in savegames and network synchronization soon.
  • Today, Lars and Philip had a rather lengthy discussion about the procedural generation of the terrain. The system is quite promising and will hopefully result in impressive terrain structures.

Philip Trettner // June 07, 2013 // news weekly

Philip Trettner

Computer Science Student at RWTH Aachen, Germany. Project Leader of Upvoid Studios. I focus on graphics programming, geometry processing and software architecture.