Weekly Updates #9

Here is our weekly update. We are delaying the promised new video a bit, as we are currently refactoring some stuff and don't want to hack in new things now just to have something to show.

  • Philip wrote API functions for our entity system and is now working on mesh decimation for the terrain.
  • Tobias is almost done with the feedback system, and is constantly working on Windows support (he is the only one not using Linux here).
  • Thanks to Kersten, our engine now also works on AMD/ATI graphics cards.
  • Marcus is still working on JIT compilation of our procedural functions.
  • Marc is working on on-the-fly generation of navigation meshes for AI pathfinding.
  • Lukas implemented mesh voxelization. It allows us to import any 3d mesh into our terrain, so we can use a 3d editor like Blender to model buildings or underground dungeons and then add them as destructible terrain in our engine.