Weekly Updates #8

Here is our weekly update. Our engine is becoming more and more mature, things are moving towards a first playable demo. We also plan to release another video soon, so stay tuned!

Here is what each of us did this week:

  • Marcus wrote a first devblog article in a series about our procedural function system. He also made some significant progress in that system; we now have working range predictions, speeding up our terrain generation by order of magnitudes. He is currently implementing JIT-compilation. Early results suggest a speedup of at least factor 60.
  • Philip put more work in the terrain and level of detail system. He also refactored our entity system to be more data oriented, allowing easier network synchronization and better performance by improving cache locality.
  • Marc is working on pathfinding for the AI system. More specifically, he is working on automatic navigation mesh generation. We have a dynamic, multilayered world, so we can't use the default approaches used in games with static levels.
  • Kersten extended our foliage rendering techniques to support dense foliage like bushes or hedges. Living up to his pyromanic affinity, he also added torches.
  • Tobias did more work on our bug feedback system and game launcher.
  • Lukas again worked on the scripting engine. He is now working on mesh rasterization, which will allow us to import 3d meshes as destructible terrain.