Weekly Updates #3

This is our third weekly update. Almost all functionality from our old prototype is working again in our new engine. Right now we are working on getting everything ready for a new video.

  • Marcus wrote a node system to create procedural functions, including evaluation of arbitrary expressions from strings and automatic derivation of the created functions. Expect a devblog article about this soon.
  • Philip implemented smooth shadow maps and refactored the rendering pipeline and the terrain system; we now have smooth level of detail, allowing for huge view distances.
  • Tobias is working on the network system. We are currently doing stress tests and working on object synchronization for multiplayer.
  • Kersten integrated OpenAL-Soft as our audio backend. HRTF and reverberation effects are working fine. Additionally, he ported the grass shaders from our old prototype.
  • Lukas integrated Mono as our scripting/modding backend. We can compile C# scripts at runtime and communicate with the engine via API functions.